Collective Construction and Catering Workshops

Between July and September, there were 6 days of workshops organized by the Region of Lazio on the subject of construction and collective catering to illustrate the application of CAM (Minimum Environmental Criteria, per its Italian acronym) in calls for tenders and specifications.

The workshops were conceived both theoretically and practically: after an introduction on the minimum environmental criteria and their mandatory application in tenders and specifications by the contracting authorities (Article 18 of Law No. 221/2015, Article 34 of Legislative Decree No. 50/2016 on “Energy and environmental sustainability criteria”, the “Code of Public Procurement” amended by Legislative Decree No. 56/2017), the participants were divided into groups and contributed to the drafting of the standard building specifications and collective catering to be used as guidelines for future tenders and specifications.

The workshops were introduced by Monica Nardone and, the collective catering workshop, by the Councilor for Agriculture, Hunting and Fishing of the Region of Lazio, Carlo Hausmann.

The workshops were held by architect Dana Vocino, Alessandro Bracciali and Livia Mazzà of Fondazione Ecosistemi and managed by the Helpdesk of the Region of Lazio through the e-mail address 

At the end of these, two other workshops were held at the CompraVerde-BuyGreen FORUM.