Closing days of the construction and collective catering workshops – CompraVerde-BuyGreen Forum

On the 13th of October, at the CompraVerdeBuyGreen Forum, the final meetings on building and collective catering were held in the framework of the GPPbest project.

At the meeting dedicated to construction, the technical officials of the invited companies presented the compliant building materials or compatible with the requirements of construction CAM, they explained the technical performance (comparing them, if possible, with those of similar conventional materials) and the elements that make them more sustainable from an environmental point of view, compared to conventional materials, and provided indications on possible applications by specifically analyzing some articles of the specifications.

At the meeting dedicated to collective cateringm the RUP and representatives of the administrations were divided into three working groups. The facilitator, Sabina Nicolella, submitted questions which the working groups had to try to respond. Each working group held a debate proposing ideas, problems and solutions based on personal experiences, subsequently shared with the other groups; with each new question, the participants exchanged places to compare themselves with the other participants.

At the end of the meeting, the ideas that emerged from each working group were shared among all the participants, subdividing them between “stakes, obstacles and proposals” to answer the question “collective catering between public administrations, small producers and small distributors: how to facilitate the participation on the territory “