The GPPBest project meets the Order of Agronomists and Forestry Doctors of the Province of Rome

On December 12, the Region of Lazio promoted the training meeting “the mandatory use of Minimum Environmental Criteria for construction and collective catering”, which took place at the headquarters of the Order of Agronomists and Forest Doctors of the Province of Rome, on the use of CAM (Minimum Environmental Criteria, per its Italian acronym) in the design and tender documents. The event is part of the European LIFE program and specifically, the GPPbest BEST PRACTICIES EXCHANGE AND STRATEGIC TOOLS FOR GPP project. The event started with the greetings of the Director, Doctor of Forestry, Roberto Fagioli and the introduction of Dr. Monica Nardone, Director of Natural Capital Management, Parks and Protected Areas of the Region of Lazio, who illustrated the GPP project and the PAR GPP (Regional Action Plan) of the Region of Lazio, approved by Regional Council Resolution No. 310 of 13/06/2017. Following, Livia Mazzà of Fondazione Ecosistemi illustrated the strategic role and objectives of GPP; the CAM approach for collective catering; the environmental aspects of catering; the impacts of crops and food processing; and finally, how catering CAMs are structured. Dana Vocino, architect and planner of Fondazione Ecosistemi, illustrated the technical specifications provided by the Minimum Environmental Criteria for Construction, of the Ministry of the Environment (Ministerial Decree of 11/1/2017), which includes materials and construction techniques with reduced environmental impact. Therefore, the methods for introducing the compulsory technical specifications and award criteria that the public administration is obliged to include in the calls for tenders for maintenance, renovations and new construction were covered, regardless of the tender amount.