The Region of Sardinia approves the 2017-2020 Action Plan for Green Public Procurement

On the proposal of the Environmental Defense Councillor, Donatella Spano, the Board approved and adopted the “Papers 2” Plan for Green Public Procurement of the Region of Sardinia, which will be in force until 2020. The new Plan confirms the Region's commitment to sustainability, in line with the Europe 2020 Strategy, which proposes smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, for a greener, more resource-efficient, and more competitive economy, commented Councillor Spano. “National procurement legislation,” she explained, requires the inclusion of environmental criteria in all public procurement. With Papers 2, we accompany the public administrations in the change, which is very demanding in some sectors, such as the construction industry, by providing tools and training. Furthermore, we strengthen the competitiveness of our companies, with dedicated interventions, so that they meet the demands of the regional and European public market. Sardinia has been pioneering its strategy for green public procurement with the very first plan and will now continue to be at the forefront.”  Among the goals set by the Plan, starting with the strengthening of the policies of public administrations towards sustainable purchases (also from an ethical and social point of view, as well as environmental) throughout the regional territory, consolidating the experiences already gained with the previous Plan. Furthermore: we intend to support local authorities in the preparation of calls for tenders for a correct insertion of Minimum Environmental Criteria (CAM, per its Italian acronym) and, finally, to encourage the environmental qualification of companies.  The Plan was drawn up within the Life GPPBest project, which aims to transfer the “Sardinia model” to other regions (the partners of the Lazio, Basilicata and Romanian Ministry of Environment project), activating the involvement of all the departments and the Sardinian agencies.