Final conference of the GPPbest project: Matera, May 25

On May 25, the final conference of the GPPbest project will be held in Matera, European Culture Capital of 2019.  The event aims to share the working methods adopted and the results obtained with other public administrations and other stakeholders at European level.  Participants will have the opportunity to actively interact and work together to define contact points, synergies and collaborations to be activated immediately and in the future.  In addition to GPPbest partners, the contacts of new projects to which GPPbest symbolically bears witness, in order to ensure that the community of GPP activators grows, taking advantage of the experiences in progress and past, will be present.  The conference will include the planning of GPP policies and the contribution that green public procurement can bring to the development of local economies and supply chains, such as those linked to the organization of cultural events.