Best practices

Collection of the best GPP “Good Practices”: GPPBEST CATALOG

The exchange of good practices is a key approach to all strategies for sustainable development. In the field of Green Public Procurement, the transfer of experiences from one local authority to another can be particularly fruitful, since the different application phases of GPP instrument, such as the procedures for inserting environmental criteria into calls for tenders, can be standardized. By “good practice” we mean the most significant actions that have allowed us to achieve the best results, thus becoming a reference model to follow. GPPBest Catalog contains the selection of the best “good practices” for planning and implementing GPP, selected and evaluated for the following aspects:

  1. Policy planning;
  2. Legislation and official documents;
  3. Regulations;
  4. Internal organization;
  5. Training and updating;
  6. Information, awareness campaigns and events;
  7. Helpdesk and support for local institutions;
  8. Good practices valuation systems;
  9. Use of environmental criteria in tenders;
  10. Verification and monitoring;
  11. Centralized green public procurement;
  12. Costs-benefit analysis of green public procurement;
  13. Monitoring systems;
  14. Comparison, communication and involvement of providers;

GPPbest Catalog is an easy-to-read work tool for those who must start and for those who need to improve the process of implementing GPP. Happy consulting!