Activities and expected results

After processing Positioning Maps with respect to the implementation of GPP and the definition of Roadmaps for the implementation of project actions and synergies with other initiatives, each partner will implement a set of “Best” actions adapted to their context:

  • the Region of Basilicata will elaborate the Regional Action Plan for GPP,;
  • the Region of Sardinia will update its Regional Action Plan and will work to improve the implementation tools through the definition of tenders and type specifications and the comparison with providers and will activate a desk for GPP implementation,
  • the Region of Lazio will draw up a plan to involve the regional agencies and institutions and 3 pilot actions for the implementation of the Regional Action Plan, such as, the activation of a GPP Helpdesk, a specification with the environmental criteria in the field of public works, and a specification with environmental criteria in the catering sector.
  • The Romanian Ministry of Environment, Water and Forests will organize three technical workhops for public officials, will define a plan for the dissemination of GPP and will carry out apilot action that will lead to the publication of 3 green tenders.

Project actions will be carried out with the involvement and contribution of a “GPPbest activator network” made up of the working groups within each administration involved. Moreover:

  • the Italian regions will share a GPP monitoring system,
  • regional procurement centers will implement nine green tenders and adopt a code for green public procurement.

A catalog of best practices for GPP policy planning and implementation and guidelines for GPP implementation in its various phases will be created to support all public institutions within the project (Plan-Do-Check-Act model).