Region of Basilicata The Region of Basilicata, in order to ensure the containment of expenditures and management costs, has established the Sole Procurement Station of the Region of Basilicata (SUA-RB, per its Italian acronym), for works, services and goods of an amount higher than those required by current legislation for procurement in the economy. SUA-RB also acts as a “PROCUREMENT CENTER” and as an AGGREGATOR SUBJECT. Regional Law No. 4 of 27.01.2015 introduced some measures for the “environmental” reform of the public administration, through the launch of a systematic action to introduce environmental criteria in public procurement (Green Public Procurement), aimed at reducing and containing environmental effects generated by certain supplies, the diffusion of environmental technologies and the orientation of the market to products with high environmental and energy compatibility; providing that the introduction of environmental criteria in public procurement and purchases is developed within the Sole Procurement Station, in collaboration with the Planning and Finance Department and the Environment and Infrastructure Department. GPP (Green Public Procurement) has become, for the Region of Basilicata, an instrument of concrete policy of promoting sustainable consumption and production, which has favored the entry of environmental criteria in the methods of purchasing goods and services for the Public Administration by placing as its central objective the environmental innovation of products and production processes. GPP is a tool through which SUA-RB can concretely show its commitment to environmental sustainability in light of the recent rules that implement different “green” rules, both as regards in general the criteria for the award of contracts of works, goods and services, as well as the so-called “minimum environmental criteria” (CAM, per its Italian acronym), and the Public Administration must be included in all tenders for the procurement of certain goods and services. To make GPP become a consolidated practice, it is necessary to clearly foresee the objectives and targets to be achieved and the actions and tools to be put in place. The actions to be promoted will tend to strengthen green public procurement policies through:

  • the involvement and personalized accompaniment of regional and local authorities and businesses,
  • change management of public procurement managers,
  • the correct and constant training and information to improve knowledge on the issue, and
  • the design and implementation of pilot green tenders
  • .

Furthermore, among the objectives set, there is that of encouraging the application of the CAM and the drawing up of a specific internal program to implement the actions in GPP field, defining specific systems and tools for monitoring GPP itself. SUA-RB is an active part of the project whose fundamental objective is the drafting of the Regional Action Plan for GPP within which the objectives for the inclusion of environmental and social criteria in the procurement of goods, services and works for the regional administration will be established. In this sense, SUA-RB will contribute to the environmental reconversion of the economy through:

  • the change in the actions of the main actors,
  • the modification of their behavior,
  • the stimulus towards high but concrete objectives of environmental protection.

Through the Regional Action Plan for GPP it will be possible to provide operational indications for the implementation of green public procurement procedures, which take into account the environmental impact along the life cycle, with a view to reducing the production of waste, the extraction of natural resources, and increasing the use of renewable resources to replace non-renewable resources, reducing risks to the environment and human health.