Sardinia, together with the surrounding islands and archipelagos, covers the entire administrative territory of an Italian region with special status, whose full and official name is the Autonomous Region of Sardinia: with an extension of 24100 km² and with 1,658,649 inhabitants distributed across 8 provinces and 377 municipalities, it is considered part of insular Italy and is in third position per area, and in eleventh per population. The Special Statute, enshrined in the 1948 Constitution, guarantees the administrative autonomy of local institutions to protect geographical and linguistic peculiarities. The regional policy for green public procurement, launched in 2007, started with the introduction of environmental criteria in public procurement procedures with the aim of leveraging available programming tools and in general on culture and behavior within the public sector in order to trigger a process of change in production and consumption methods that has may last over time and is consistent in all regional action and correspondence in the interventions of other local authorities. Plan for Green Public Procurement in the Region of Sardinia (PAPERS 2017_2020) N.37/16, dated 30/07/2009, has led to the dissemination of GPP at the local and regional levels. The results achieved are: about 20% of Sardinian municipalities made at least one green purchase, around 200 municipalities (equal to 77% of the population) participated in information and training actions; all the regional authorities and agencies took part in training activities and around 70% made green public procurement; the regional administration has introduced the Minimum Environmental Criteria approved by the Ministry in almost all its tenders, reaching a green percentage of 90% in the procurement of goods and services for regular operations within the region. With GPPbest Project we are committed to developing a new regional plan, involving the various regional departments and territorial actors, to identify objectives and actions, to consolidate the results achieved and to identify the appropriate tools to root GPP approach in all regional actions. The Region of Sardinia, Environmental Sustainability Service and Information System (SASI, per its Italian acronym) of the Environmental Defense Council, has started a technical support service to transfer the model used by the RAS for planning, management and implementation of a GPP action plan to other public administrations; improve the skills and tools for the verification of environmental criteria in the evaluation phase of offers and in the management and execution of contracts; support the diffusion of green public procurement processes that can have a significant impact on the market and on the creation of environmental benefits; improve GPP methods and accounting practices. The Technical Support Service, among other things, provides technical assistance (helpdesk), available to all the Sardinian Authorities that must carry out contracts in which the minimum environmental criteria (CAM, per its Italian acronym) are applied, approved by Decree of the Ministry of the Environment (MATTM, per its Italian acronym). For assistance, you may email, made available by the Region of Sardinia, or call the telephone numbers 333.6960362 and 366.6632457. The service will be available until May 15, 2018.