Lazio is located on the mid-Tyrrhenian side of central Italy and occupies an area of 17, 207 km², extending from the Apennines to the Tyrrhenian Sea; it is a region with an ordinary statute of almost 6 million inhabitants, distributed across 5 provinces and 378 municipalities, the second most populous in Italy after Lombardy. The regional policy for Green Public Procurement (GPP) started already in 2006 with Regional Council Resolution No. 321, which promotes green public procurement in regional institutions that work for environmental protection; in 2009 Regional Council Resolution No. 658 approves the guidelines for the application of GPP in the regional system; with the subsequent Regional Council Resolution No. 222/2013, which launches a Regional Action Plan for environmental sustainability of consumption in Lazio and for the application of GPP, the Region of Lazio has formalized its direction toward green public procurement. The program of the Region of Lazio has identified, as a priority, in the Parks and Regional Nature Reserves the fulcrum for the implementation of sustainability policies and the place for the first experimentation. With GPPbest project, the Region of Lazio will align itself with community and national directives on green public procurement, leading the administration to implement a Regional Action Plan for GPP and the regulatory and operational instruments necessary for the adoption of tenders and specifications drawn up according to environmental criteria. Furthermore, actions will be carried out for the involvement of the other public institutions in the territory (local authorities, regional agencies and institutions) in order to spread and share the principles linked to GPP. To this end and in order to ensure that GPPbest project is shared within the regional administration and that the objectives of the Regional Action Plan are defined in a manner consistent with the needs and strategies of the various departments and councils, and an interdirectional working group has been formed. The working group will participate in the drafting and management of the Regional Action Plan and will also have the task of coordinating communication actions with other public institutions in the area. The working group will also be involved in the initiatives for the transfer of knowledge and in the exchange of good practices foreseen during the project, therefore within a total of 30 months starting from last October.

Region of Lazio Helpdesk

The Region of Lazio has activated the Helpdesk service, which responds to the e-mail address, to provide the necessary support to the Lazio administrations (local authorities, regional agencies and institutions) that intend to proceed with the drafting or tenders and specifications according to environmental criteria. The service is proposed as a basis and support for the correct pursuit of the objectives set by the European and national strategy and by the obligation in Italy to include the MINIMUM ENVIRONMENTAL CRITERIA in tenders:

  • for 100% of the value of tenders that affect objectives regarding climate-altering gas and the efficient use of resources,
  • for 50% of the value of tenders for all other categories of supply and lending.

GPPbest Infographics

The Region of Lazio has adopted a communication plan that provides for the creation of products and activities aimed at strengthening and expanding the involvement and participation of the institutions informing them about the advantages of green public procurement. The infographics illustrate the objectives of the project and the themes of collective catering, building and life cycle assessment.