Romanian Ministry of Environment, Water and Forests

Created in 1991 as a response to the new challenges for post-communist Romania, the Romanian Ministry of Environment promotes a unitary and coherent environmental policy having as objectives and main investment priorities:

  • the integration of environmental requirements in sectorial strategies,
  • monitoring and reducing climate change risks,
  • flood risk management and prevention of disasters associated with drought,
  • protection of biodiversity,
  • water sources protection and rehabilitation,
  • integrated waste management,
  • coastal infrastructure rehabilitation of the Romanian coastline,
  • environmental and economic reconstruction of the Danube Delta,
  • raising public awareness, strengthening cooperation with environmental NGOs.

The domains covered by the Ministry are: water, water scarcity and drought, climate change, waste, biodiversity, conservation and protection of natural areas, noise, industrial pollution control, sustainable development, forest management, meteorology and hydrogeology. The Ministry coordinates the following structures:

  • the National Environment Protection Agency – in charge of law enforcement;
  • the National Environment Guard – in charge of law enforcement;
  • the Danube Delta Reserve Administration – in charge of the protection of the Danube Delta Reservoir;
  • the National Meteorological Authority, in charge of weather forecasts;
  • the National Forest Administration, which is manages State Forests;
  • the Environmental Fund Administration – in charge of raising funds for environmental protection;
  • the National Water Administration – in charge of complex water management.

The Ministry is also in charge of national GPP policies. Romania followed the EC recommendations concerning the elaboration of national GPP strategies and, in 2007, it developed National GPP Action Plans covering the 2008-2013 period, which imposed voluntary and mandatory GPP criteria. In April 2016, the Romanian Parliament approved the Law No. 69 on GPP, which sets forth the legal framework for GPP in Romania, and establishes the institutions in charge of its implementation. In accordance with this law, the Ministry of Environment, Water and Forests (MAAF) is responsible for the development of national policy in the field of green public procurement, a guide containing the minimum criteria for the protection of the environment for groups of products and services, as well as specifications of standard charges, as well as of the National Green Public Procurement Plan which establishes multi-year mandatory objectives for green public procurement.