Training for GPP still represents an important step towards the implementation and systematization of green public procurement as the lack of knowledge on the subject is the greatest obstacle to the dissemination of this instrument. GPPbest has offered training opportunities identified among the preparatory activities to achieve the objectives set by the project. The training meetings were held in the two Italian regions, project partners, Lazio and Basilicata and also at the Romanian Ministry of the Environment, and addressed to officials, procurement managers, directors and managers with the aim of improving technical skills in drafting documentation for the awarding of public contracts and also in the definition of a GPP policy. The training meetings were held in order to:

  • raise awareness of the role of public procurement in Green Economy policies and to achieve the objectives of the Europe 2020 Strategy,
  • transfer to participants the knowledge on the political and regulatory framework for the implementation of green public procurement,
  • define the conditions for systematic introduction of GPP within the regional administration,
  • instruct public procurement managers to introduce the environmental criteria into their procurement procedures.

On the occasion of the two training days, the participants also took part in drafting the necessary interventions for the definition of a regional strategy for GPP and in the analysis and drafting of green tenders.