Networking activities are a strategic action for the GPPbest project. They are deployed within a Plan of Networking Activities that establishes the approach of the GPPbest project in order to liaise and collaborate with other EU-funded projects, which tackle GPP topics. In this sense, it defines the main networking actions to be put in place, and their timing. GPPbest networking activities are divided into three categories:

  1. exchange of information concerning GPPbest actions and outputs through various online media such as newsletters, websites and social media;
  2. technical cooperation between GPPbest actors and other EU stakeholders on specific GPP-related topics;
  3. joint awareness campaigns tackling GPP topics.

During 2016, a list with over 30 EU GPP projects and initiatives that are relevant for the networking purposes of GPPbest was elaborated. The projects were funded under different programs, especially LIFE but also IEE, FP7, Horizon 2020, CIP, FEDR.

First networking outcomes

Networking_03Ecosistemi was invited to participate as an external stakeholder to the FUTURE – Sustainable Urban FUrniTURE project. IEE PROCA Romanian partner (REC Romania) was invited to present its tools during a GPPbest workshop. A collaboration with the GreenS project was established: Ecosistemi supported the partner from Cyprus to develop contents for a GPP award, and participated in dissemination activities in the Region of Calabria. The SPP regions – Horizon 2020 project organized, in October 2016, some activities at the CompraVerde-BuyGreen Forum, and participated in the European Conference in Rome. The map of networking activities describes the actions, carried out in the year 2017, with the aim of maintaining contacts creating links and collaborations between EU-funded projects that deal with the theme of GPP.

Projects with which we started networking activities

  2. Green ProcA, Green Public Procurement in Action
  3. SPP Regions, Regional Networks for Sustainable Procurement
  4. LIFE capacity building
  7. Food Waste Treatment
  8. GPP2020 Procurement for a low-carbon economy
  9. GPP4 GROWTH presenting the GPP4 GROWTH program
  11. GreenS

The GPPfuture project has developed a GUF tool that allows you to choose the desired environmental criteria and create a document ready to be attached to the technical specifications relating to the supply of street furniture. At this link you can register and use the GUF Green Urban Furniture tool